Whippet Bicycle - British made folding bicycle


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Fine Riding

Designed, developed and built with care and precision, scrupulous attention to detail and using premium components, Whippet Bicycle is a truly unique machine.

Stylish and simple, Whippet Bicycle is essentially a classic diamond frame design with a difference - it utilises twin oval tube arrangements to provide a strong, stiff and safe frame that delivers a fine and comfortable ride... as well as a clever new folding solution.

The bicycle's frame is made from specially commissioned custom Columbus oval 25CrMo4 tubing, along with a selection of Reynolds 631 tubing for the chain stays and seat stays (both companies being regarded as the world's leading bicycle tubing experts). After careful machining and preparation the complete frameset is joined together with fillet brazing and assembled into a complete bicycle using both custom designed and manufactured parts, along with standard components. The result is a an agile and robust bicycle that's as happy whizzing you around town or on longer rides, as it is being tucked up at home for a well earned rest.

Whippet Bicycle

For the love of cycling

Whippet Bicycle - rear view of twin tubes


Whippet Bicycle controlled flex.jpg

Improved rider comfort is achieved by pairing oval tubes in parallel with each other for the frame's front triangle section. Designed specifically so that they can bend ever so slightly, through a 'controlled flexing' action, the twin tube arrangements absorb unwanted road shock before springing back again during normal riding conditions. Front wheel shock is effectively absorbed by the twin top tubes and twin down tubes, whilst shock from the rear wheel and/or rider's weight is also absorbed by the controlled flexing of the twin seat tubes. It's something you can hardly see, but you can certainly feel the benefit from!

By harnessing the material and shape characteristics of lightweight thin walled CrMo oval tubes, additional mechanical suspension systems typically used to compensate for unwanted road shock absorption on many smaller wheeled bicycles are no longer needed. The controlled flexing of the main frame's tubes also means that narrower tyres can be fitted, resulting in less rolling resistance - meaning you can ride faster and further (and in comfort too), for the amount of energy you put in!

Whippet Bicycle - British made folding bike

"I love the Whippet"

- paul smith

(fashion designer)

Whippet Bicycle - magnetic mud guard detail
Whippet Bicycle - adjustable seat height detail

Whippet Bicycle is also fully adjustable to suit a wide range of riders, whether short or tall, male or female, young or old. It has a low step over height, making it no problem to get on or off and utilises many standard bicycle components for easy servicing and/or replacement. It also includes clever frame details and accessories - such as a variety of built-in attachment points and an easy-mount magnetic rain/mudguard to keep you dry and clean.


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