Whippet Bicycle - folded next to bench





Whippet Bicycle is all about staying slim (and hopefully stylish too!), meaning it's ideal for storing against the wall... or if you prefer, mounting it on the actual wall itself. We like to think of the main stages of folding as 'the tilt', 'the tuck' and 'the tidy'. No tools are required to fold the bicycle, and the in-line nature of the folding action means the process can be quickly understood and learned.


Folding the bicycle involves tilting, tucking and tidying stages.

Tilting: Untighten the front locks on the top tubes and tilt the handlebars forwards and the front wheel backwards between the downtubes.

Tucking: Untighten the rear locks on the top tubes and lower down over the front wheel to meet the down tubes. Pivot the front section up so the front wheel tucks into the rear frame too (the stand's feet will automatically roll out to stabilise everything). Remove the saddle and seatpost and insert into the front steerer tube.

Tidying: Secure the frame together and unlatch the steerer tube lock and fold the handlebar assembly down over the rear wheel.  Loosen and twist the handlebars sideways and secure the steerer tube with the seatpost quick-release hook. Remove the pedals (optional) and wheel away!

To unfold the bicycle, simply reverse the above process.

Tuck In

Whippet Bicycle - British made folding bike

Stay Slim


easy to transport

Whippet Bicycle was designed to be rolled along on its rear wheel when folded, using its unique wheel-along handle integrated at just the right place. Being slim and almost symmetrical makes it easy to wheel along in an upright mode. You can also lift it over obstacles, or up and down steps using the folded down steerer tube as a handle.

Whippet Bicycle - British made folding bike

Wheeling along is preferable to carrying.

Whippet Bicycle - British made folding bicycle

You can also easily lift it when you need to.


slimline fold for compact storage

Whippet Bicycle - British made folding bike

Being so slim, folding reduces the bicycle to less than 30% of its original volume.


"Super thin and so elegant you'd want to mount it on the wall."


 (designer of the Strida, IF Mode, Mando Footloose and South Point Mk1 folding bicycles)



the Details

Whippet Bicycle - slide cap detail

Top cap pivots to allow seatpost to be stored inside when folded.

Whippet Bicycle - handle detail

Extended steerer lock handle doubles up as wheel-along handle.

Whippet Bicycle - safety lock detail

Primary and secondary safety locks for added peace of mind.

Whippet Bicycle - flip feet detail

Automatic roll out (and flip up) feet for improved stability.


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